After photographing weddings (and portraits) for almost a decade, I’ve learned a few things along the way. One of the foundational things for me is this; listen first and speak later. I like to start with getting to know you, hearing your concerns and fears, discussing your ideas, and finding out more about your unique story. When we start there, it’s easier for me to cater an experience that will perfectly suit your needs. Are you worried about the light in a dark ceremony space? I’ll know I need to have a plan to address that. Do you have special heirlooms you’re incorporating into your day that you’ll want photographed? I can ensure that those are not only photographed, but highlighted in a personal way. Do you prefer a first look or do you want your fiancé to see you for the first time walking down the aisle? The more we talk, the more we feel comfortable with each other, the more capable I am to serve you and provide the best possible experience for you.

My Philosophy

Lets start with connecting with one another! I want you to feel completely safe to trust me with one of the most important days of your life! If you trust me, you'll let your excitement shine and you'll radiate the joy you feel in front of my camera!

Once you've decided that I'm the right one to serve you through this wedding process, each couple who books a wedding collection will receive an engagement session! That way we can both get comfortable with each other, in front and behind the camera, and I'll help you learn how to pose and interact with each other to end up with gorgeous, flawless and natural photographs!

After we have gotten to know each other a little bit, (I always send my couples a get-to-know-you questionnaire to help this along!), we start creating a customized wedding day timeline. This ensures that your day flows as seamlessly as possible, and that you’ll be able to determine the amount of time you’ll need to plan for wedding day coverage. Do you want a photographer to begin at the very beginning of the day with getting ready portraits? Are you and your fiancé getting ready at separate locations? Are the ceremony and reception taking place at same venue? Do you want to plan an extended period of time (or multiple times) to take bride and groom portraits? I love to suggest that my clients take a 10-minute break from the reception to get romantic photographs at sunset. You’ll get to sneak off for a few minutes with your bride or groom, and you’ll usually receive twice the amount of portraits together!

My Process

My goal, and utmost desire as a wedding photographer, is to make your wedding day experience as easy and wonderful as you’re dreaming of right now!! Your wedding images are so important, and let’s face it – you only have one shot at it!! After the cake has been eaten and the bouquet has been thrown, what is going to remain from your wedding day? The photographs! I will walk each step of the way by your side to make it fun, unique and unforgettable! When your day is photographed with expertise, diligence, passion and creativity, you’ll be able to relive it over and over for generations to come.

My Purpose

1. What will I receive with a wedding collection?
6-10 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage
Engagement or Bridal Session
High Resolution Images
Online Gallery with Instant Download
Ability to Share with Family and Friends
Discount on Gallery Prints from Professional Lab

2. How will I receive my images after the wedding day?
All images are uploaded into an online gallery and you will be given an instant download pin! The site also backs up your images for up to two years!

3. Do you have a contract?
Yes, I do, but this exists to protect both of us! You're agreeing to the number listed for your wedding collection, and I'm agreeing to provide everything I've promised you!

4. Do you have insurance?
Yes I do!

5. Will I receive every image taken on my wedding day?
No, but trust me, you don't want them all! I will go through and take out duplicate images, images that are dark or blurry, and curate a gallery for you that has the absolute best photographs for you to remember your wedding day!

6. Are you comfortable shooting in dark areas with flash? 
Yes, I am! I am able to shoot with on and off camera lighting, and I'll be able to provide two light stands for the dance floor if requested in advance. (I always bring them with me as well in case of an emergency)

7. Do you have a second photographer? 
If a couple books a wedding collection, I always bring a secondary photographer with me. This creates an iron-clad back up plan in case of an emergency, and should everything go smoothly, it'll simply give you more variety in your final gallery.

8. How do we properly credit you as our photographer when sharing on social media?
Thank you so much for asking!! Please simply tag "dattomastudios" on any social media platform, and the hashtag #dattomaweddings to keep all of my beautiful clients images in one place! 

9. What is the difference between ordering prints from your lab or printing them off at a pharmacy Kodak printer?
A professional photography lab is much better! The quality of the paper and ink is outstanding, the colors are more true to the original digital image, and the way that it's printed ensures it will last for years to come! For a small investment - the difference is worth it!

10. Do you provide released rights so I can print wherever I'd like?
Yes, I do, but please take a peak at question #9 for information about my lab.

General FAQs

1. How long does an engagement session last?
We will shoot for 1 - 1.5 hours, ensuring that you learn to pose and relax in front of the camera, and complete the session with a variety of gorgeous images to document this amazing time in your life!

2. Can we travel for our engagement session?
Yes!! I absolutely love to travel and exploring a new location is so much fun! I encourage it, especially, if you have a location that is meaningful to you as a couple. Some travel fees will apply, depending on travel distance!

3. We want to use our engagement photos for Save the Date Announcements. How far in advance should we plan our session?
Since it is recommended that you send your save the dates out approximately 9 months before your wedding day, I recommend about a year before. However, each couple has a different length of engagement, and if that doesn't work for you, we will discuss a plan to make it happen!

4. How long it will it take for me to view my engagement photos?
In the off season (November - March), I average a turn around time of 2 weeks. During peak wedding season, it will take 3-4 weeks. If I can get them done faster, though, I will!! Trust me, I will be excited to share them with you!

5. Should I get professional hair/make up for the session?
This is not a requirement, but there is one thing I've learned from brides who have done this - they feel amazing!! And when you feel amazing, your confidence shines. I want you to light up with your fiance and light up in front of the camera, and I believe feeling great about how you look is the first step!

6. Can we bring along a pup or props?
Yes! If these things help experience your relationship and/or personalities as a couple, absolutely!

7. What if rains on our scheduled day?
I suggest rescheduling a session if the forecast calls for rain within 24 hours. Sometimes it clears up, but why risk it? We want to have warm, bright images, and a dark gray sky doesn't work in your favor!

Engagement FAQs

1. What IS a bridal session? 
During a bridal session, you'll be able to get dressed up in your bridal gown, do a test run of your hair and make up, and ask your florist to design a sample bouquet of the flowers you've chosen for your wedding day. We will spend 1 - 1.5 hours taking photographs of you in your stunning gown, allowing you to have images we simply wouldn't have time to take on your wedding day! Also, with photographing these in advance, it's helps you in several ways. First, you'll know instantly if your dress needs any further alterations. You'll know if your shoes are killing you and you need different ones! You can choose to wear your hair down for bridal portraits and up for the wedding day, given you two entirely different looks! You'll know if your make up and bridal bouquet are perfect! And, finally, you can choose to use your bridal images to make unique gifts your fiance or parents on the wedding day! (Each client that books a bridal session will receive a 16x20 canvas to display at the reception!)

2. Can I travel for my bridal session?
Yes!! I absolutely love to travel and exploring a new location is so much fun! I encourage it, especially, if you have a location that is meaningful to you as a couple. Some travel fees will apply, depending on travel distance!

3. How long will it take to see the images from my session?

In the off season (November - March), I average a turn around time of 2 weeks. During peak wedding season, it will take 3-4 weeks. If I can get them done faster, though, I will!! Trust me, I will be excited to share them with you!

4. How will I choose my canvas for the reception?

Once your receive your gallery, you can easily tell me which image you love and would like to display. I will order it and send it directly to you!

5. Will my dress get dirty during my bridal session?

I will do everything I can to ensure your gown stays clean, but we recommend having it professionally cleaned before your wedding day just in case.

6. Should I get my hair and make up done for the bridal session?

Yes! You need to choose who is going to do your hair and make up for the wedding, and let your bridal team help you with a "trial run"! What a perfect time to get dolled up, take some portraits, and make sure it's exactly the way you're dreaming of for your wedding!

7. Do I need a bouquet?

Yes. It's a good idea to ask your florist to design a smaller version of your bridal bouquet to use for your session.

8. Can I bring someone to the session with me?
Why not!? In fact, I encourage it! Bring your mom or maid of honor to help you with your dress or carry your bouquet. It's a fun experience, and it's even better when you bring a friend along!

Bridal Session FAQs

1. How much time will we need to plan portraits between the ceremony and reception?
I ask each couple to plan one hour for portraits. We need approximately 15-20 minutes for family, 15-20 minutes for bridal party, and 15-20 minutes for bride and groom portraits. If you're able to plan a little additional time, I'll be so excited, but I can do my part in an hour.

2. What is a First Look?

Have you thought about that moment where you walk down the aisle and seeing your fiance's face light up? A first look is planning a time to do that privately, one on one, before the ceremony. The purpose for this is to have a time where you can react and respond to one another! When you walk down the aisle, your fiance doesn't get to stop and tell you how amazing you look, or spin you around and kiss you on your cheek! You get an opportunity to exchange a gift or a letter, talk or pray with one another, get some gorgeous candid images, AND get out the jitters before you walk down the aisle! 

3. Should I send you a shot list for family portraits?
I have done this many different ways. Usually, it's easiest to pick one side of the family, add parents, add siblings, add grandparents and continue to build until your whole family is photographed. Then switch and do the other side. However, I know sometimes there are some family complications that I may not be aware of. If so, feel free to give me a list and we will shoot straight through.

4. How many weddings have you photographed?
Well over 100!!

5. Will you eat at the wedding?
No. I do not stop and I do not want to miss anything. However, I do ask that a meal be boxed up by the caterer and I will take it with me when I am done with covering your wedding. 

6. What if it rains on my wedding day?
It happens! I have enough experience to help you come with a plan should the weather be less than ideal! I always keep an eye on the weather leading up to the wedding day, and should we know in advance that the forecast calls for rain, we can begin to come up with some options. 

7. How long will it be until I see my wedding images?
I always post a quick 5-10 image preview within 48 hours of the wedding day. After that, I will curate a blog post within two weeks so you can already begin to relive your wedding day! Finally, your full gallery will be received 6-8 weeks of your wedding!

8. Can I add more time to my wedding timeline if I need to?
Absolutely! That can be decided in advance, or on the day of! If you decide that you're not ready for us to stop shooting when the timeline states, simply ask me to stay a little bit longer and then we will take care of the payment for that additional time afterwards. No big deal!!

9. What are the benefits of having a second shooter?
I can't be in two places at once! When we split up we can cover more of the wedding day, from more angles, and you will end up with more images. It's twice the fun, really! 

10. Will I receive a wedding album?
This is an additional purchase to add on to your wedding collection, however, the design is free! If you would like a custom wedding album, I am more than happy to work with you to design it exactly the way you want it. Payment won't be due until it's time to order. (Ps, this makes for a wonderful First Christmas or Anniversary gift!)

11. I've decided I want D'Attoma Studios to shoot my wedding!! How do I book?
A non-refundable deposit of 10% of whichever wedding collection you choose is due at booking. The remaining balance is due 8 weeks before the wedding, but adjustments can be made if necessary to accommodate any specific needs you may have! If you'd like to set up a consultation to meet and pay the deposit in person, fantastic! Let's have coffee together soon! If you're ready to go and would like to book online, fill out the form on the contact page and I'll send you an invoice for the save the date deposit and you'll be all set!!

Wedding FAQs