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Carolina Girl

It’s time for a Mila post. There is so much to share I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been recording some of her “sayings” lately  and new experiences that we’ve shared over the last few weeks….

  1. She says WATER with an english accent. Makes me laugh every time.
  2. She has to get “daddy kisses” in the morning and at night. If we are hanging out with people, she needs to get a kiss from everyone before we leave. She doesn’t let Mike leave the house in the morning before getting a kiss and she reminds him to give me one!
  3. She often WAKES UP asking for cookies. We have a new rule that she can’t have any until after lunch, otherwise she’d be getting cookies all day long!
  4. If you ask her “What color is this?” she’ll say purple every time just because it’s her favorite. Then we’ll ask her what the REAL color is and she’ll tell you the right one. She knows all of her colors and is even learning dark and light.
  5. She loves to watch cars, trucks and busses drive by. She normally waves “bye bye” but recently she’s also been asking to touch or kiss them. Last night she also asked if she could kiss the sun as it was going down. I told her to just blow kisses, so all night she was saying “night night sunshine!” and blowing kisses to the sky.
  6. At bedtime I ask her who she wants to pray for. She loves naming people and praying together.
  7. Every time she sees letters she shouts ABC’s!
  8. She’s learning the song “Read your Bible & Pray every Day” and “This Little Light of Mine” for the Spring Children’s Program. She loves songs with motions and wants to do them over and over. HOWEVER, if I start singing it and she doesn’t want to practice, she’ll say no, no, no and make me stop singing.
  9. She has learned to say “MYSELF!” and I hear it often! If she tries to do something for awhile and can’t, she’ll stop and say “Help, MAMA!” (As if I never offered!”
  10. Mila now says “BYE BYE YALL!” and man, is it cute!
  11. She is a water baby! We play in her pink pool several times a week. Yesterday she also wore a life jacket for the first time and played in a big pool!
  12. She loves to color with crayons and sidewalk chalk, go on wagon rides, stack her cups and rings, play with her seashells and in the sand, put her shoes on other people, swing, and help water plants.
  13. We went to the ocean for the first time and she loved putting her toes in the water and watching the waves!

Mila in her 9 MONTH Easter dress (at 21 months!)



Senior Rep Program 2014-2015

Okay folks! SUMMER IS COMING FAST!! And what does that mean for us at D’Attoma Studios? It’s time for SENIOR REPS!! I LOVE students, seniors & summer, so here we gooooo!!!



  • Up to 3 locations of your choice that can be photographed in the same day. (If out of Columbia/lexington area or Barnwell county we can discuss travel compensation. I am COMPLETELY open to go explore South Carolina if you’ve always wanted a Charleston, Hilton Head, Savannah or “destination” session.
  • 3 outfit changes
  • Session is 1 – 1.5 hours. (Not including time in between locations)
  • Cd of all images with released rights (extra CDs are free upon request, normally $25 ea)
  • Online gallery with 25% off all year (until June 2014), $50 print credit (one time use) and free design of 4×6 postcard graduation announcements with D’Attoma Studios graphic designer.
  • Senior rep business cards with students’s photos & D’Attoma Studios business information to help with referring to friends!
  • $25 gift card (any of your choosing) with every student that books a session because of student rep’s referral!!
  • Free design of senior graduation announcements!

TOTAL PRICE: $300 (reduced from $500!)

**Students in Barnwell County (BHS & JDA) please contact me for more details. There is an additional discount that you qualify for since you’ll be helping me launch my business in this new location!!

Black out dates for Summer 2013.
June 10-21

June 28 – July 6

August 6-9


Student must be able to book summer session so that they can promote D’Attoma Studios all school year.

Student must show they are exemplary in their academics, athletics, or other achievements, with a good work ethic and outstanding character to represent our business for the 2014-2015 school year.

If we’ve never met and you’d like to schedule a senior session, please submit a brief statement on why you’d be a great addition to our Senior Rep team. Email submission at dattomastudios@gmail.com

Student must be excited to share photos from their session with their friends, actively help recruit other seniors to book sessions, and commit to passing out their personal senior business card on a regular basis. (Senior will also receive the gift card bonus if another type of session is booked based on their referral. $75 gift card will be given for any wedding booked)


Also, consider booking a senior session on the same date as a friend. I had several seniors have their portraits taken together and it makes it an even more memorable experience! Your nerves are calmed with a friend there with you, and you can help each other laugh and enjoy even minute. Oh, and we’ll even take some pictures together!

View all 17 of our 2013-2014 SENIOR REP sessions below & BOOK YOUR SESSION TODAY!!:)



















Baby Sonny at Home…

I am blessed with such faithful clients and I couldn’t be more grateful. After photographing Sami’s newborn, 6 month and 1 year session (and another session after that), Freddie and Rima announced they were moving from Columbia to Atlanta… and soon after also announced they were expecting baby #2. After searching for another photographer, Rima contacted me again and I mentioned that I travel often for work and would love to visit them if they wanted to continue working together. They took me up on my offer and I was able to be a part of welcoming Santino (Sonny) into their family! Congratulations… your boys are so sweet and I LOVED getting lots of hugs and kisses from Sami. I’m grateful that he’s comfortable around me now and we can be friends:) Hope to see you all in the fall for a 6 month session and Sami’s 3rd birthday!!!!



HAPPY EASTER 2014!! We are so blessed!!! God has done a lot in us this past year… hard to believe what is was like a year ago and all that has changed… emotionally, spiritually, relationally… even physically in some ways. We have grown and come to a deeper place of contentment and gratefulness. I write this post with a FULL HEART.


Edisto + Fox Family

We just got back from a quick spring break trip to Edisto! It was beautiful and sunny on Monday and I’m so glad we got there in the afternoon to enjoy the sunshine. Tuesday was rainy and Wednesday was 55 degrees with freezing winds… not a good beach day at all!! However, the side of the house with the sun deck blocked the wind and it was so nice and warm up there! So I got a big bucket of sand and seashells for Mila (and her new friend Selah!) and we all hung out up there! Brandon and Rebekah joined us with their daughter for the week, dear friends of the Richardson family, and we had a wonderful time getting to know them. Brandon spoke on Palm sunday and joined us to lead worship throughout the week at the beach. We packed 20 people in the beach house with our family, the Fox family, Richardsons, Kurigers (youth pastor’s family from Hagood!!:) and band members! Although I desired much better weather (maybe we’ll go to florida next year guys??), the fellowship was just what we needed. Loved every minute!!

Here are some pictures of Mila & 2 quick videos from the beach as well as some photos I took of the Fox’s before they hit the road to drive back to Pennsylvania!