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Family & Cousin Portraits

What a blast photographing this family that has already become so special to us! When Val asked me to do pictures with all of the cousins, I recommended taking a few new family portraits and individuals of the kids. Why not? It was so fun exploring a new park (I have to find all new locations for sessions!) and getting to meet Joe’s brother’s family as well. Two beautiful, beautiful families!!


Ricky | Senior Portraits | Barnwell, SC Senior Portrait Photographer

What an outstanding young man. I was incredibly honored to photograph Ricky almost two summers ago. He has since gone on to play baseball at the Citadel and is incredibly disciplined in all he does. I will never forget, his senior year, he and a few friends decided to plan a student led summit at our church. He planned worship, a speaker, games, small groups… it was truly beautiful to see him rise up as such a strong leader. Looking forward to watching all the ways God will use you, Ricky!


Joanna | Newborn Session | Lewis Center, Ohio Lifestyle Photographer

This post is several months overdue… due to the birth of our own child, Titus! Our dear friends, Mike and Megan, asked me to come shoot Joanna’s newborn session and I am grateful! It has been so fun to connect with old friends now that we are back in Columbus. My husband officiated their wedding and so it was a particular honor for me to photograph them welcoming their first child home. Congratulations sweet friends!! She is a doll:)


D’Attoma Studios: In Ohio

This announcement has been simmering in my mind for several months now and I think it’s finally time to share where my business is headed. I allowed it all to take a back seat while we moved in the fall and prepared for baby #2: Titus! It was not a priority and wanted my family and my new church and home to get all of my energy in these recent months.

I also worked for a photographer at the end of high school/beginning of college (almost 10 years ago!) and they graciously called when they heard I had moved back to the area and extended me an amazing opportunity to come work with them. They tackle everything from in-studio portraits to senior/family/newborn sessions, school yearbook pictures, team sports portraits, corporate events, weddings and MORE. They have more than 30 years of business in Columbus and I was offered the chance to work and learn under their amazing expertise and thriving business. Sounds perfect, right?

Well…I kept thinking about this opportunity in mind and mulling it over. Something wasn’t sitting right. So I asked myself…why did I want to become a photographer? Why did I start my business?

“To love and serve others while supporting my husbands ministry and being available for my family.” 

Working for another photographer would require set hours, a ton of commitment to their needs, and consistent time away from home. While I know there are tons of mamas out there that work, (and for several months I was ready to be one of them), I know I started my business to have the exact opposite lifestyle. Photography is something I love and fortunately it’s something that I can weave in and out of our schedules. As a business owner, I can photograph as much or as little as our season allows. Right now, with a busy toddler and new baby, it’s going to be at the end of my priority list…but… I know it’s time to start building again. In a blink of an eye, both of our kids will be in school and I would love to have a large clientele base again filled with families that I can serve through photography.

So, this summer…I will be launching again and giving deep discounts compared to where my prices left off in South Carolina. (ESPECIALLY SENIORS!! More information about being a senior rep this summer coming ASAP!) While I have 7 years of experience, we have many new friends and many potential new clients who don’t know me from Adam:)Take a chance and book a session so I can get to know you!! If you want to see a bit of my work, browse through the categories on my blog and check out some of my favorite images below. (My website is currently down as I don’t have the money to invest in it right now).

Email me: dattomastudios@gmail.com for all the details!!! 

Newborn/Lifestyle Photography

Kids/Family Portraits






Titus Joseph: Birth Story

Titus Birth Story


I woke up Friday morning with back pain around 5:30. I started focusing on the pain, not sure yet if I was contracting as it was pretty mild. Over the next half hour, I noticed about every 8-10 minutes the pain intensified a bit. I texted my mom at 6:00am and asked her to head to our house. She lives a little over an hour from us. I stressed that there wasn’t a huge hurry since I had just started contracting and they were still so far apart.


A little after 6:00 I woke up Mike and told him I was contracting and asked my mom to head this way. We were still resting in bed and Mila was watching a show on our tv. At 6:30 I noticed contractions were getting a little closer together and I tried to go downstairs so I could focus and figure out how far apart they were. Mila starting crying and chasing me down the steps so I went back to bed to calm her down and lay with her a few more minutes. I counted contractions more like 7-8 minutes apart.


At 7:00 I text my mom to see if she was on the road and she said she was leaving in about 15 minutes. I jumped in the shower. I noticed contractions picking up rapidly but wasn’t looking at a clock to know how far apart they were. I got dressed and tried to dry my hair. I could only up the hair drying for a minute or two and then I would lose my breath in a contraction. I settled for a wet head and threw it up. I started timing again… 4-5 minutes apart. I checked the clock… 7:45. Mom was on the road, but still wouldn’t arrive at house until 8:30 at the earliest. I told Mike we had to find someone now to stay with Mila and we had to go. He made a few phone calls and got our friend and neighbor Marc to come over.


During those last few minutes I told Mike to get Mila’s carseat out of the car, I threw some last minute items in my hospital bag, I helped Mila go potty and go downstairs for breakfast, I yelled for a trash can and threw up (even cleaned up the floor where I had missed the bin), and picked up Mila to let her sit on the counter so I could hug her (She wanted held and I knew I couldn’t hold her). Marc arrived at 8:10 and I was getting some water for the road, Mike made some coffee and turned on a tv show for Mila to watch. Marc mentioned we might hit rush our traffic on the way to the hospital and we were out the door a few minutes later. I told Mike to time my contractions as we drove. Down to 1-3 minutes apart. I took deep breaths, kept my eyes closed and we made jokes as they came and went.


We arrived at 8:40. We valeted the car, I got wheeled up to the 3rd floor and the nurse asked me to get up and walk to a room to get registered. We reminded them that we pre-registered and she calmly said, “It’s procedure” and told me to get changed into the gown on the bed and she walked back to her desk. I did and then walked to the bathroom. When I was headed back to my room, a Dr. noticed my breathing and asked to come in and check my progress and wondered if I was interested in an epidural. I said, “Yes, if there’s time but I doubt it. This is moving FAST!” She discovered I was easily 8cm dilated and sent me straight to labor and delivery. This was approximately 8:50. The next 23 minutes were almost too intense to describe. Remembering them now, I feel like I am recalling a scene from a movie. Nurses swarmed around us. The anesthesiologist came into the room and walked out as quickly as he entered. Absolutely no time for that. My contractions were almost too close together to breathe through. Suddenly, my water broke. I kept thinking that I was going to pass out. My doctor ran in and nurses told me it was time for our baby to be born. It was time to push. Mike stood next to me and I squeezed his hand…probably harder than he ever thought I could. One nurse yelled that baby’s heart rate was dropping and this was it. I had to get him out. Another nurse told me to stop screaming and bear down to push. (HA!) I knew I was screaming at that point, but honestly, I felt like I was hearing someone else. I kept my eyes closed to not pass out from all the adrenaline and endless activity in the room. I heard more yelling from everyone around me and after a handful of hard pushes, he arrived! Titus Joseph was born at 9:13am on Good Friday. 5 lbs 13 oz. 19 inches long. Head of dark brown hair and beautiful olive skin. I did it. We did it. I can’t believe we made it in time!