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Happy June

Our family was at the Cayce Riverwalk for Sarabeth, Kendal, Sydney & Hannah’s graduation party yesterday. Since it’s a place I always take pictures for clients, I decided to take a few of Mila. Of course.:)I realized after we were done that I was taking them at almost 8:00pm at night (I didn’t realize it was that late) and she was less than thrilled about this impromptu session. I did get a few smiles out of smiles out of her… big thanks to Grandma Nancy! (And a little bribing to go get a cookie when we were done!)

Mila looks so big to me in these pictures. I’m thankful for them already!

I see the “water!!”

A little smirk on the right…

LOVE these next 2!

So grown up with her ankles crossed.

I told her to walk in front of me, and she wasn’t too sure about it. She knows to hold my hand!

And then I got THIS!!

About to TOUCH the WATER!

Thank you Grandma Nancy for these shots!

SO SERIOUS, but I still love this print. She is gorgeous!

Are we done yet?

Sleepy girl found her daddy… All done.


1st Year Collections: Preserving your Memories

There is only one way, in my opinion, to watch the amazing amount of growth and change that happens in a year… and that is through photographs. A child changes more in the first year of life than ANY OTHER TIME and sometimes you don’t realize it until you look back. Hindsight is 20/20, they say. Well, I was struck by the difference I saw in a friend of our’s daughter yesterday afternoon. I started with photographing their maternity session, and then was honored to take newborn (July), holiday family portraits (November) and now spring/10 month portraits (June) before Emma’s first birthday at the end of July. As I looked back through her pictures, I couldn’t believe how much she changed and honestly, I didn’t notice many of those changes until I looked. I’m sure it’s been more obvious to her parents, Kris and Aubree, but it really stood out to me and reminded of me why this is so important.

I’ve decided for the first time, I’m going to offer a summer special to expecting parents! Check out the details…

Book a 1 year collection (3 or more session in 12 months) and receive A FREE NEWBORN SESSION!! This will include:

  • 1 hour + session (I don’t rush mom’s if they need to nurse or if baby needs consoled) 
  • Gallery of images online to easily order professional prints
  • CD with all high resolution images
  • Released rights
  • 10% discount on custom birth announcements!!

Contact me for more details at dattomastudios@gmail.com!!

Check out this sweet family’s sessions below and explore the blog for more 1 year portrait collections!


Emma Jane is almost here…

Look how tiny!!

One of my favorite portraits of a new mom:


Sitting up!

Look at Emma NOW!! So beautiful, sweet and full of joy!

Trying to stand up on the chair… we are watching you emmers!

Look at those teeth!!:)

Won’t be long until she is walking…


Melissa & TJ’s San Souci Farm Wedding: SNEAK PEAK

Southern Wedding bliss.

So much more to come!


Stone Mountain Park Wedding: Amy + Ben

I saw Amy the night before the wedding. She had been baking her own cake, picking crumbs out of the icing, creating a PERFECT grooms cake (a circuit board!!), and worrying about rain in the forecast. I asked her to do me a favor and NOT check the radar again until at least noon the next day. (Ceremony at 4pm). We woke up to a gloomy, chilly morning and some sprinkles around 11am for about an hour. Afterwards, the sun came out and it was a brilliantly beautiful day.

Amy & Ben chose to get married at Memorial Hall at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, GA. Ben grew up just a few miles away from the park and this location was extremely cherished by his family. Not to mention that the scenery was outstanding!! Thank you for trusting me to photograph such an incredibly meaningful day… I hope these portraits will allow you to relive it for decades to come. Much love, Sarah


Governor’s Mansion Portraits: Durgin Family

There are times when I casually say “has it really been a year since…” This particular time caught me off guard. I thought for sure that I was meeting up with this family for Sophies 6 month portrait session and Aimee kindly said, “Oh no, it’s been a year. Sophie turns 1 in 2 weeks.” Time can crawl and time can fly. For some reason, it seems like a blink of an eye since Sophie was born and I was photographing a tiny 7lb baby girl. Now, this beautiful family has grown and changed…..

I am already looking forward to another session in the fall when Lauden turns 3!! But for now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE!!!