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Kelsey | Arena District Bridal Session | Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer

I’m trying to find the words of how to begin this post. Kelsey was the first student that I met in our student ministry at our first church… ten years ago! She was going into 6th grade and walked right up to me and said hi. I was astounded by her social maturity, even at that age. It was clear she was confident in who she was and was eager to build relationships with others. That was just the mark of what was to come. She is one of the most beautifully relational people I’ve ever met. And that was echoed throughout the day as she wed her husband, Dave, this past Saturday. Over and over it was said that she was loyal, intentional and purposeful in pouring into others. What a gift!!!

I attended Kelsey’s bridal shower earlier this summer and decided to gift her with a bridal session… something that she had never heard of before!! (I’m learning that this is a very Southern custom! Didn’t know that!). Anyways, she graciously asked me to sing for their wedding, so I wanted to be able to photograph something for her as my gift to her. Her sister in law did her engagement portraits and the talented Rachel Figuera photographed the wedding. What a stunning day… filled with such genuine love and support from so many loved ones!

Congratulations to Kelsey and Dave!!! Praying God’s richest blessings on your marriage.


Summer Mini Sessions | Columbia + Irmo, SC | South Carolina Photographer

This was quite a weekend! I flew into Columbia for summer pictures for just a quick 48 hours. Less, actually. More like 36. I photographed nine sessions, saw lots of friends and got my phone stolen on the way home. A police officer called this morning and said they actually found my phone case in the trash and were mailing that back to me. That is both sad and funny to me at the same time. What am I going to do with a phone case but no phone!? Anyways, I feel like I’ve lost all contact with the world since about 2pm Saturday afternoon, so I decided to share a sneak peak of the sessions I photographed on my trip!

PS, I am doing fall mini sessions at Barnwell State Park on Saturday, October 10th. (And I’m also photographing a few quick sessions in Augusta on Thursday afternoon, October 8th.) I only have 1-2 spots left for Augusta and 2-3 spots left for Barnwell. Please shoot me a quick email if you want more information and I’ll get it to you ASAP!!

Thank you to all my South Carolina clients – it was great to see you!!

Fici Family | At Home

Goodson Family | Cayce Riverwalk

Kuriger Family | Emma is TWO | Cayce Riverwalk

Woodard Family | USC Campus

Stone + Dawson | USC Campus

Matt + Brittany | Maternity Session | USC Campus

Durgin Family | USC Campus

Abbott Family | USC Campus


Sarah | Liberty High School Senior | Inniswood Gardens

Sarah and I connected online and I am so grateful she asked me to do her senior portraits. We went to a location in Westerville where I actually had some of my senior portraits taken… circa 2004! (Yikes, has it been that long?!) I loved her outfit choices and watching her confidence come alive in front of the camera as the session progressed. Good luck to you this year, girl!! So wonderful to meet you!

Much love, Sarah


Tony + Brittany | Ohio State Campus Anniversary Session | Columbus Ohio Photographer

I met Brittany and Tony when Mike and I were dating … circa 2008. Mike and Tony had known each other for awhile and the 4 of us decided to tailgate and go to an OSU game together. Tony and Brittany went on to study at OSU and got married the summer after us. They decided to celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary with a portrait session on OSU campus, and were gracious enough to ask me to do it for them since I am back in the area!!

I hope you love these portraits for many years to come (and many more years of marriage!) Congratulations, friends!!




Brittany + Matt | T & S Farms |Leesville, South Carolina Wedding Photography

A tragedy has happened… SOMEHOW this beautiful wedding never got shared!!! In the chaos of business and family life and moving and having a baby… this fell through the cracks. But, it’s never too late to share and I’m still so thankful to have been a part of this wedding. Remembering this beautiful day as I look through these pictures have been so much…

AND, this gorgeous couple is expecting a son this fall and I will be doing their maternity portraits next month!! Can’t wait to share! Congrats Brittany & Matt!