Jamestown Interview & Winner!

Thank you for all who participated in the contest over the weekend!! I loved seeing everyone sharing and helping spread the word about Jamestown Coffee & D’Attoma Studios using social media. Whenever I feature a vendor, I always include a post where I ask questions about their business. This helps you get to know them better and gives them the recognition they deserve. Since we launched the contest Friday, I wasn’t able to post this quick Q & A session with the owner, James Kirk of Jamestown.

So, let’s announce the winner!!

Congratulations to _______________.MEGAN ULMER!!

Meet James Kirk of Jamestown Coffee: Q & A

1. How was Jamestown Coffee established?

Conceived over hazelnut lattés in Seattle and brought home to Lexington, Jamestown Coffee was launched with the idea of taking the Seattle neighborhood coffee bar and giving it a Southern spin for Carolina tastes. Our espresso blend was chosen with our neighbors in mind, bright, mild and easy like a Carolina summer day. Enjoy the relaxed, old South-inspired atmosphere while you sip our signature Palmetto Pecan Latte, or a refreshing all natural fruit Smoothie. After perusing the historical photographs that line our walls check out our events calendar and find a community meeting, live jazz or acoustic music, or an unusual event that suits your tastes. Jamestown is about neighborhood, community and creating a place in Lexington for our customers to enjoy coffee beverages, desserts or a quick bite to eat in a place that’s friendly, comfortable and familiar.

2. What’s the number one challenge you’ve faced since opening the business?

That’s such a difficult question to answer because in running a business one is faced with a variety of challenges every day. My inclination is to respond with what might be viewed as a challenge in many respects, but it’s something that is part of our mission, and that is educating new customers on what great coffee can be. That it’s so much more than the watery swill you might find at a gas station or diner. That espresso does not mean strong, bitter coffee but a way of extracting coffee that yields a beverage that’s closer to the essence of a coffee bean than regular drip coffee. And that espresso beverages, like the café mocha and café latté are an exploration in flavors that can range from a strong pick-me-up to a sweet dessert.

3. What is your favorite item(s) and what are the best sellers at Jamestown?

The Palmetto Pecan Latté is not only our bestseller but my favorite – it reminds me of butter pecan ice cream in a cup. It’s our signature beverage.

4. How do you come up with new ideas?

It’s a collaborative effort. The entire team has input on new drink ideas and new products, and we meet and discuss them and someone is tasked with developing and perfecting a new drink recipe. Then the entire staff meets again and are trained together on how to make new products before they go on the menu. It is truly a “team” atmosphere at Jamestown. Everyone has input into how the business is run.

5. Can you share what specials/new drinks will be coming up for the Holidays?

The Candy Cane Mocha is made with espresso, chocolate, peppermint and steamed milk, and garnished with whipped cream and real candy cane sprinkles. Our St. Nick Cocoa is a milk-made hot cocoa with whipped cream and candy cane sprinkles. The Cup of Cheer is a buttery latté with a hint of coconut. Flavored coffees this year include a butter-rum coffee called Winter Fantasy and a peppermint coffee called Candy Cane Lane.

6. What is something you’d like local readers/clients to know about Jamestown that they might not?

Jamestown Coffee in Lexington features a private, 500-square-foot meeting room perfect for groups up to 20. It’s great for business luncheons or special occasions, bible studies, birthday gatherings and the like.

**Go run by Jamestown today and get a special Fair drink while they last!! Happy Monday!


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