Allow me to brag on my clients for a minute. You all are simply amazing. I schedule 8 Christmas sessions back-to-back-to-back and they went so smoothly!! Everyone was patient as I was transitioning from one session to the next, helped me to get their little ones involved, and overall, everyone came to have a good […]

    Serving in Catemu was an entirely different experience, and it reminded me a lot of my time in Argentina. In contrast to the large, compact city of Valparaiso, this was a very small country down at the base of the mountains. The pace was slow, easy-going and didn’t have the rush and noise […]

Our time in Valparaiso, Chile was seriously amazing. I don’t think we have ever felt such a strong connection with another church and other believers… and it was thousands of miles away. We instantly felt a heart connection with the pastor, our host families and many members of this church. It was amazing. The first […]

In this journey of being a photographer, wanting to learn and grow and improve, there is a pot hole that can sometimes go unacknowledged. In sincerity, I would like to share a very difficult struggle for me. I often try to push it aside. Sometimes I tell myself that I am not affected, trying to […]

This session had been a long time coming. Jennifer and I had emailed and scheduled and rescheduled quite a few times. The craziest of the kids schedules, weather issues, the time change, and my trip to Chile kept us fighting to find a time that would work. We finally met up on Thursday night, and […]






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