SNEAK PEAK SATURDAY Not sure if this will become a new weekly “thing” or not, but I am working through editing several sessions this week and wanted to share some teasers!! Click the LIKE button at the bottom of the post or leave a comment if you want to see more of these each Saturday! […]

I have had a hard time trusting others to represent my business. I’m just going to be honest. It’s hard to let others in and know they are going to uphold the reputation you are working incredibly hard to build and sustain. After a couple years of doing this on my own now, I feel […]

July has been an absolute, total blur. I have learned that I don’t handle “One week on, One week off” very well. I spent a wonderful week with my family over the 4th, shot a wedding Charleston, came home for a week, left for Unite Student Camp for a week, and now am back trying […]

I CANNOT BELIEVE DAVID IS ONE YEAR OLD!! Okay, excuse the minor flip out, but seriously, where did this year go? I feel like my days are beginning to be measured through my lens as I’m watching my clients grow up. LITERALLY. One of the collections that I offer is a Baby’s First Year Collection […]

When I try to start writing about the impact of Unite 2k11 this year, it’s honestly very hard to put into words. The biggest thing that stands out to me, was the way the week started. Eric Samuel Timm came and painted and spoke, and after he was finished, he felt like God wanted Him […]






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