Let me start with a completely unrelated story. Last night Northside Student Ministry (aka my awesome husband & our awesome student leaders) hosted the Silver Ring Thing tour for the second time. This is a group that started in 1995 out of Philadelphia and performs 80 SHOWS A YEAR to teens about purity and abstinence. […]

Beth is a 1st grade teacher and has known literally her entire life that she wanted to have kids and be a mom. She has also always wanted twins – good thing it runs in her family – because a few months ago she found out that she was pregnant with a boy AND a […]

I have decided to do something new this spring COMPLETELY LAST MINUTE! I am inviting seniors to apply for the chance to receive an amazing discounted session, with TONS of PERKS and REWARDS. I’m looking for a Senior Representative that can spread the word to your classmates, friends and family about your fun and unique […]

Wow, it’s been a week and I’m ready to feature another photo art post. I decided to just go ahead and post the test images I took with the 85 1.2 this morning. I have some other ones to share, but they can wait until later! These are not the BEST pictures I’ve ever taken, […]

Are you a photography lover, amateur, or a newly-launched business owner? Do you feel at times that your equipment cannot accurately capture what you see, but you cannot afford the $$$ lenses? I have felt like that for many years and always wondered how much better I would be with an unlimited budget for the […]






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