30 Days Without…

In this journey of being a photographer, wanting to learn and grow and improve, there is a pot hole that can sometimes go unacknowledged. In sincerity, I would like to share a very difficult struggle for me. I often try to push it aside. Sometimes I tell myself that I am not affected, trying to gain the upper hand over the issue. But truth be told, it’s a struggle. It’s a daily battle to fight…


I read other photographer’s blogs. I find new interactive, amazingly creative websites. I see publications. I follow updates as others travel to shoot weddings in Venezuela, Hawaii and France. I see magazines being made, interviews being conducted, and speaking engagements being booked. They are designing workshops, teaching and perfecting their craft. Oh, and they’re shooting weddings every.single.weekend.

As a newly relocated photographer who fights to make the equipment I own work, the influences I have matter, and the connections I make last… these other photographer’s successes seem impossible. I would be stretching the truth if I said they were on the distant horizon for me. They’re just not. It takes time, lots and lots of hard work, consistency, improvement and patience. In my most hopeful moments I would admit that I believe it CAN happen someday, but more days than not I feel like that’s never going to be me.

I am speaking with transparency for one reason: I know there are others like me. If you are reading this blog and feel the same way, please know that I am with you in this battle.

I have made a personal commitment to finish this year strong by doing one important thing… I am not going to follow other photographers until 1.1.2012. This might seem like a silly resolution, but I know that I need to focus on my work and my clients. The comparison of my work, my images, and my business is painting a dim picture instead of a bright one. It is creating disillusionment instead of hope. It is stirring up frustration instead of determination.

So from now on, I’m taking a step back, getting refocused & choosing HOPE.

Photo by: Karla Melton

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